Awkward First Dates: Featuring AHS Staff


Lili Smith and Zaida LaRose

It is widely known that first dates can be awkward. High school is a time for uncomfortable and embarrassing dates, and believe it or not, your teachers have both been there, and done that.


Never accept a blind date.” -Mrs. Ponder


“We went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” -Mrs. Anderson


“I’m a huge gardener and she said, ‘I never eat anything green.’ We never went out again.” -Mr. Lebo


“We were going to a play. I showed up at the door in jeans and a polo and the girl was dressed as if she was going to a wedding or something. The expectation was to dress formally.” -Karl Kemper

We all have or will have embarrassing stories, but just remember one day you will look back and laugh, just like our teachers do.