AHS Cafeteria Strikes Again!


Elena Patterson

Hip hip hooray! Our school’s cafeteria got yet another 100% on their most recent health inspection!

The inspection consists of someone from the Jackson County Health Department visiting unexpectedly and making sure that everything is safe and up to the standards. They check all the pots and pans and cooking utensils are properly washed. They check the dates of the food, and the temperature of the refrigerator. They check the overall cleanliness of the room, the floors and the walls. When cleaning the room, the cafeteria workers use a mixture of bleach and water set to a specific ratio, the inspectors check that. They make sure that the drink machines aren’t sticky and that the hot food is indeed, hot.

Congratulations cafeteria staff! Another clean and healthy year has passed by without a hitch. a big thank you to the cafeteria manager Christina Lehman and all the people who take part in making sure that students at AHS are well fed and ready to learn!