Teacher Swap


Kleya Dhenin

On April 8th, 2015, all the Ashland High School teachers will be switching subjects in order to perform an optional test regulated by the State of Oregon. The Oregon Department of Education attests to the fact that well rounded teachers are the best teachers, and, in order to test this, for one day all Ashland High teachers will be required to teach a subject outside of their specialty. Students often wish that their favorite teachers could teach all of their classes, and the Oregon Department of Education plans to make this dream a reality.


While most teachers are specialized in one subject area, all teachers receive the education necessary to give students a basic understanding of any given subject. For this reason, the ODE has decided to institute a type of “teacher swap.” While allowing administrators, in accordance with ODE standards, to select what subject teachers will be reassigned to, teachers have mixed feelings about the exercise as a whole.


Mr. Huard, AP US History and Politics and Literature teacher, will be reassigned to teach Wellness, usually taught by Ms. French and Ms. Ponder. When asked how he felt about the exercise, Huard simply responded by saying “If you want to be happy, be happy in your work,” then proceeded to say he would be assigning a 28 page assignment to his Wellness classes for the day.

“I love teaching mechanics. Most people don’t know my background with cars, mechanics and metal fab. I have four older brothers who have taught me to work on my own car and the proper ways of using tools. I love fixing things and enjoy any opportunity to share my knowledge with my students. Be prepared Mr. Britt, I’m taking over,” said Ms. Watson who will be stepping away from her usual math classes and taking on Mr. Britt’s role in Mechanics 1 and 2.

Removing herself from her typical setting of the Theater with her Cinema and acting classes, Betsy Bishop will be teaching Watson’s math classes. Art teacher, Sam Scharff will be taking over for Mrs. Kennedy with AP Physics. Coach Hall is to take on Chinese with the attitude of Confucius, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” While Mr. Wolff typically teaches Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus, Wolff will be replacing Mr. McKinnon teaching AP Government.

The AHS administrators have decided on all teachers but one, Ms. Hafner. “Sometimes in education we get top down empirical orders and you just have to go with the flow. Flexibility is key. I am excited for whatever my new subject will offer.”