AHS Going Vegan


Breaking news: Ashland High School Cafeteria is going vegan! According to Christina Lehman, as of April 25, 2015, the cafeteria will no longer be serving animal products.

A vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains. They will not offer meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Due to the recent complaints from parents suggesting that the meat in their students diet is not safe, the school board has decided to “revamp the menu” (Lehman).

The breakfast menu will include whole grain cereal with either soy or almond milk, toast with jelly or jam, soy yogurt, or a vegan cinnamon roll. Lunch will consist of a salad bar, fruit bar, tofu bar, soy burgers, pasta with red sauce or pesto, stir fry, hummus and veggie sandwiches and spicy sweet potato salad, to name a few.

Two new ingredients that AHS will be adding to the cook book will be soy and quinoa. Quinoa is used as a replacement for rice, which will not be cut from the menu, but a little diversity is beneficial. Soy can be used to make just about anything. It simulates both dairy and meat products, and will be a major component to the new school menu.

The cafeteria will be replacing the soda machine and cow milk with all natural juice (apple, orange, lemonade), coconut water, kombucha, soy milk and almond milk.

The school is very excited about this new change to the menu. “We have received lots of requests to go vegan in the past and now we’re finally doing it” (Lehman).