Places to Buy Prom Dresses

Places to Buy Prom Dresses

Milla Goldsmith, Reporter

Prom is coming up soon, so here are six places to buy dresses in the area.

1. Runway Fashion Exchange – Runway has used and new prom dresses for great prices.

2. Macy’s- Macy’s has many cute designer dresses and jewelry and they also have large sales going on often.

3. JCPenney- JCP has handbags, dresses and jewelry, with most of them being 50% off or more.

4. Shirley’s Fashions-  Shirley’s Fashions’ main focus is dresses, dresses, dresses! So they have heaps of dresses in all different colors and sizes.

5. David’s Bridal- David’s Bridal has around 300 prom dresses, with the majority of them being on sale.

6. Forever 21- Forever 21 has a small collection of prom dresses, but all of them are cute and under $50.