Carmel Apple Box Competition


Lili Smith, Reporter

The Geometry and Geometry Honors classes are participating in a Caramel Apple Box design competition. The Ashland High School math department received a grant from the Ashland Schools Foundation in order to provide the supplies for each student.  Each student has the opportunity to design a complicated and efficient box for The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Whichever students’ box is chosen as the winner, will win a caramel apple, and their box will be used as the new box design at Rocky Mountain Chocolate for their variety of caramel apples. The boxes are judged by how easy it is to put them together, how well the box fits the apples and how creative their design is. Each student is expected to use a file folder to create and  turn in a net of their design.  Students are also provided with colorful construction paper to make their final draft which will also be turned in to either, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Carrigan, Mrs. Paustian or Ms. Watson. Their final product is the item that will be judged by their fellow students. The winners will be determined by Monday, April 27.

“Each box has a range of how long it takes to construct,” says freshman, Ethan Page, a student in Geometry Honors. The ideas that students had were either inspired by an example or completely original. Most students saw this assignment as a fun project more than a chore. “I worked on this really hard because of what a great opportunity this is,” exclaimed Page “I had a lot of fun designing my box.” Page enjoyed the openness of the project and how much freedom there was in constructing  each box.