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Zaida LaRose, Reporter

This year, Ms. Hafner has brought a new twist to the Foods and Nutrition final project. Typically, the Foods 1 final consists of the classroom splitting into three or four large groups that will each take turns cooking a meal for the class. However, this semester Hafner has brought an idea that she has been developing for some time into the classroom: A class eBook. Essentially, one class was chosen to work together to create a anthology of their meals they have cooked this year, along with their recipes and their pictures, and publish them online in a cookbook format. After much thought, Ms. Hafner selected her second period class to make the book. Why Hafner chose this particular class for the project is no mystery. Their charming team dynamic is immediately apparent and their ability to pull together and use time efficiently is evident as well. The project is entirely student driven and an experiment, but Hafner stated that “that’s just part of the fun!”  This phenomenal Foods and Nutrition 1 class showed serious enthusiasm when asked about the project. Freshman Sasha Aazami and Sophomore Amelia Zeve have been tasked with the job of photographing the food for the eBook. “I’m trying to incorporate a little bit of myself into each of these photographs to make the cookbook more personal and approachable, said Aazami cheerfully. The rest of the class is working together for the writing and formatting of the book. Freshman Tia Wilhelm expressed that “Everyone will be learning from each other. People all around the world can download it, so this is an excellent opportunity for the class to share their talents with the rest of the planet. The class has been given a large amount of creative freedom, so it is clear that they will incorporate their own unique twist to this wonderful project.

A group of young cooks hard at work.
A group of young cooks hard at work.
Freshman Alex Crane goofing around on the job.
Freshman Sasha Aazami: Foods and Nutrition 1 student.
Freshman Tia Wilhelm: Foods and Nutrition 1 student.
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(From Left) Ivy Amann and Tia Wilhelm getting ready to make banana chocolate muffins.