Which Teacher Are You Most Like?


Lili Smith and Zaida LaRose

As the seasons change, we change with them. Over the course of the year we have grown gradually to be more and more like our greatest influences. In this case, our teachers. Take this quiz to find out which teacher you have grown to be most like this year:

Which food is your favorite?

1. Anything green

2. Apples

3. Curry

4. Knowledge

5. Pizza

6. Quinoa

7. Crepes

What is your favorite sport?

1. Lighting things on fire

2. Volleyball

3. Road Cycling

4. Safety

5. Being a Grizzly

6. Baseball

7. Basketball

What is your dream vacation destination?

1. The Jungle

2. Washington DC

3. Spain

4. Colonial Jamestown

5. Pittsburgh

6. San Francisco

7. Fiji

What is your favorite candy?

1. Hot Tamales

2. Caramel apple

3. M&M’s

4. The sweet taste of discipline

5. Butterfingers

6. Those weird organic lollipops

7. Chocolate

What is the best genre of music?

1. Classic Rock

2. Classical

3. Folk

4. Movie Soundtracks

5. The beautiful sound of school spirit

6. Smooth jazz

7. Indie

What is your favorite type of shoe?

1. Closed toed shoes

2. Flats

3. Tennis shoes

4. Dress shoes

5. Nikes

6. Birkenstocks

7. Toms

Who is your idol?

1. Bill Nye

2. Albert Einstein

3. Karl Kemper

4. Barack Obama

5. Ben Roethlisberger

6. Babe Ruth

7. Zooey Deschanel

Mostly 1’s: Mr. Lebo

Mostly 2’s: Mrs. Anderson

Mostly 3’s: Ms. French

Mostly 4’s: Mr. Huard

Mostly 5’s: Mr. Kemper

Mostly 6’s: Mr. McKinnon

Mostly 7’s: Ms. Hafner