Ben Lucero


Lucero’s Album Cover

Lili Smith, Reporter

AHS has a plethora of students with hidden talents. As a matter of fact, the bulk of our student body has a latent gift. Some students run or swim fast, some can draw an intricate portrait in the car on the way to school. There are an abundance of common talents like singing, painting, or athletics. Not to say those talents aren’t appreciated, but our high school seems to have a way of finding unique and unknown talents that would not be acknowledged and praised by the staff and student body as much as they are in Ashland.

One especially exceptional student of our own is freshman Ben Lucero. He is known for his great soccer skills and spiky hair but behind all that, he is a wizard when it comes to composing his own music. “I originally started playing the guitar and I felt limited by just one instrument,” Lucero expressed. He then transferred his songs onto garage band. “I was building songs that were a bit complex for Garage Band so I upgraded to a better program.” Lucero has been writing his own music for three years now and has had to move over to a more progressive program after he began to compose pieces that were too complicated for the elementary application, Garage Band.

“I will hear songs in my head and need to put them down.” Lucero has many hobbies and talents, but he has a sense of eagerness when it comes to jamming out at his computer. Ben plans on putting some of his tunes up on iTunes for purchasing when he has a wider variety of music.