Irie Browne


Elena Patterson, Reporter

Irie Browne began taking piano lessons in the third grade and now, six years later, she is performing at talent shows and open mics all over town. Her motivation for learning to play was that it had always been an interest and as a third grader, she was lacking a hobby.

When asked how she began singing, Browne mentioned that she had been singing all her life but really honed in on her skills in musicals and theater classes at Willow Wind “Yah, I had a lot to learn.” says Browne. She now plays piano, guitar, ukulele, and sings. If she were to learn another instrument, it would be cello because she finds it very intriguing.

Browne’s most recent performance was at open mic this April. In her act, she played an original piece and a cover of Riptide by Vance Joy on the ukulele. Midway through Riptide, musicians Joseph Yaconelli and Garrett Baxter began playing with Browne. “It was super fun.” says Browne, “I haven’t had much experience working with a group, so it’s nice to hear when it all come together simultaneously and serendipitously.”

“I take any chance I get to perform.” says Browne. In said performances she plays a variety of music including a number of self-written pieces. Browne has several techniques for writing songs. “I like to write about people… and use whatever emotions I’m feeling too.” She likes taking an object, place or memory and using it in her song to act as a metaphor for something deeper. Browne uses space and the universe as the metaphor often.

Browne’s most recent project is to make an EP with a handful of original pieces. Her piano teacher (and inspiration for songwriting), Kimberly Starkey, is helping her to get it ready to record this August. “I’m really excited,” says Browne, “Doing all the recording in a studio and everything is really cool!”

To visit Irie Browne’s Youtube page, click here.