Top Six End of Summer Thoughts



For the last three months you have loved your summer vacation. You have been places. You have done things. Lets be honest you have spent a majority of your time on Netflix or sleeping, but other than that you have been out seeing the world. As summer comes to an end you will be having many feelings. These are the top six.



  • But Netflix…


Over the period of just 90 days you have watched four new TV shows all the way through. That’s approximately 456 episodes. Do not worry that is only five episodes a day. When school comes around you will lose this joy as homework confines you to a couple of episodes of some show you watched a year ago. You will be okay. Season 10 of Friends can wait until after your APUSH homework is done.


  • I like friends


Due to your relationship with Netflix and no place you have to be five out of seven days, all but three of your friends haven’t seen you since June 5. Now that school is coming back you get to have social interaction once again with the people so dear to you your communication for three months consists of checking each others Snapchat stories and three texts that are some variation of “hey.”


  • 8 AM is early


You have been up at 8 AM more times after staying up doing nothing of any importance than when you woke up this early. For the sake of being honest this may be the hardest part. 12 hours of sleep has trained you to enter a coma every time you close your eyes for longer than a blink. When your sleep is cut in half because a psych project is due the next morning and you were too busy with something less important, you will struggle. It is okay. You are not alone.


  • Can Wolff be that hard of a teacher?


Every year when we get our schedule the most important thing to look for is what teacher you have. Who your chemistry or biology teacher is will affect your life in some monumental way during the year. Many teachers have reputations, but none are quite as infamous as Mr. Wolff. You will be fine, as long as you have bladder control. You don’t get to stand up in his class, just so you know.


  • Three months is really short


When you began the summer you had dreams and aspirations for what you would do with all your free time, but like your will to wear non-elastic pants, those have gone away. You kept saying you would do it tomorrow. What’s the rush? Now you have squandered the opportunity to do something meaningful. We all did. Those three months went by fast. Summer is a whole quarter of the year, but it sure didn’t feel like it. You don’t have to worry. School is only nine months long.


  • School is better than nothing


Around this time you realize that boredom has started to take hold. You just want something to do. Sadly school is your best option, and maybe it isn’t that bad. You get to hang out with friends and get one step closer to the holy grail that is the future. Summer is the perfect length. By the end your brain has had enough time to think that school sounds like a good idea again. Of course nine months later you will be anxious for summer again.