24 Things You Absolutely Must Try This Summer

Below are siblings Lilia and Bodi Patterson reading, washing a tree and throwing a dance party.

Elena Patterson, Reporter

1. Go on a hike

2. Play loud and obnoxious music in your front yard and throw a dance party with your sibling(s)

3. Make a short film… about the neighborhood cat

4. Read a book

5. Go downtown and people watch

6. Photobomb tourists

7. Do your homework

8. Sweep the street

9. Play basketball with a potato

10. Challenge your neighbor to a pool noodle duel

11. Go downtown and only take left turn

12. Jump in the reservoir

13. Play hopscotch

14. Email the mayor

15. Spin on a dizzying device at a park

16. See the Green Show

17. Try a new hairstyle

18. Eat popsicles

19. Go to the Tuesday market

20. Put your shoes on opposite feet and see who notices

21. Go bowling

22. Outmaneuver your shadow

23. Wash your dog and give him/her a Mohawk

24. Sleep as much as humanly possible