Finals: Fact or Fiction?


Kleya Dhenin, Reporter

Finals week is rapidly approaching. The thought of going into Mr. Wolff’s room after a night of no sleep because you were studying trig graphs and why cotangents actually matter is among the worst in the world. Preparing for finals can be rough and all the myths surrounding it make it no better. Here are some common myths and whether they are fact or fiction.


Myth One: Study now, sleep later.

Fact or Fiction: FICTION

Studies have repeatedly shown that all-nighters actually decrease grades. In
order to function, the brain needs sleep. Minimum, aim for at least fives hours of
sleep for optimum brain function.


Myth Two: “Caffeine will save me!!”

Fact or Fiction: FICTION

One or two cups of coffee won’t hurt, but consumption of massive amounts of
coffee will hurt more than help. Drinking a ton of caffeine decreases attention span, increases anxiety, and decrease energy levels in the long run.


Myth Three: “Listening to music helps me focus.”

Fact or Fiction: FACT

Music actually keeps focus, if used correctly. Listening to favorites might be
dangerous since it can end in dancing sporadically around the kitchen instead of studying, but acoustic or classical music can help keep focus and give a dramatic background to any study session.


Myth Four: All classes have final exams

Fact or Fiction: FICTION

While many classes have final exams, some do not. A lot of classes have final
projects, papers, etc. Many teachers assign these projects and papers well
ahead of time to make their student’s lives easier. Having some exams and some projects might actually be better since nights aren’t spent cramming. Often times, this set up allows studying before finals week and frees up time during the week since projects and papers are mainly turned in early.

Myth Five: I can study anywhere!

Fact or Fiction: FACT

Changing up the study environment can actually help with focus and information
absorption. Swap between the school library, home, and Noble Coffee and get the most
out of studying! This is because every time the location is switched the brain is forced to make new associations with the material.

Good luck and don’t fall victim to the myths of finals week!

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