Summer Lovin’


Kleya Dhenin, Reporter

Summer is rapidly approaching and with it the eternal question of “what do I do with my life…?” There are many options here, some more serious than others.


Dearest upcoming seniors, for the Class of 2016 the summer options are more serious. While it may not sound like fun to write your college essays and study early for the SAT, it’ll help later. Not only will it give you an upper hand when application time comes around, but provide loads of extra time for writing AP Comp essays during the school year. The counseling office has a list of what juniors should be doing over the summer, don’t forget to pick it up before school’s out!


For the rest of the classes, summer is more open to fun. For the Class of 2018, that five page AP US History may seem like the biggest deal ever and like a total time suck. Five pages might be more than English 9 ever forced upon you, but with predominantly messy and large handwriting it’s more like three pages. Plus, Axtell will write your paper for you. Summer homework is rough, but there’s still time for plenty of fun!


Ashland High, let’s make the summer before the 2015-16 school year the best yet. Make some memories like these Ashland adults did (or maybe don’t do some of these things…)! Also, check out the rest of the Rogue News Online summer series for ideas for the fun stuff!
(video credit Willa Moen and Marcello Romano)