3 Reasons why Ashland High School Loves Mr. Lebo


Ellie Stanek, Reporter

Mr. Lebo has been teaching for 22 years at Ashland High School as a science teacher. He teaches Chemistry and Biochemistry full time. Lebo has decided to teach part time at AHS next year, instructing two biochemistry classes and one chemistry class.

Lebo is very adored by his students, and anyone can tell that he loves his job. He has given his students some hilarious memories over the past years. Here are some of the reasons why AHS loves him…


  1. His Image

Walking into Lebo’s class is like taking a breath of fresh air, as you see a poised, lanky, Sean Connery look-a-like sitting at his desk. A large grin comes across his bearded face as his students shuffle in. Lebo leaps out of his chair and strides to the front of the room, ready to teach.


  1. His Quotes

“Don’t swallow any of the chemicals, or else you’ll turn out like me.” Lebo says on the first day of Chemistry class.

Mrs. Bowen-Jones’ (an English teacher at AHS) classroom is directly above Lebo’s. When Lebo sets things on fire, he yells “Feel the heat Bowen-Jones!”

These are only a couple of the great Lebo quotes. This man is full of crazy Chemistry puns and jokes.


  1. His Class Traditions

Lebo demonstrates the ether compound (similar to gasoline) in a very interesting and memorable way. First, he dumps the substance all around the classroom. Next, he cranks “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. And finally, he lights the floor on fire while singing along.

Lebo has his chemistry class take their 2nd semester exam one week earlier than finals week. The students’ only homework for the following week is to bring ice cream making ingredients to class. They get into small groups of 3 or 4 and make ice cream using dry ice. Instead of having to stress out about another heavy test during finals week, Lebo’s students get to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, outside on the hot summer day.

Photo Credits: Katy Barnard