31 Flavors and Then Some


Lucas Searcy and Amora McConnell

1. Leftover Cereal milk

the remaining sweet milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl creates a sweet honey taste that reminds you of the early hours in the wee parts of the morning.

2. fig and fresh brown turkey

for a more savory option, many customers visiting Il Laboratorio del Gelato in Manhattan enjoy a unique flavor of Turkey complemented by the naturally sweet taste of figs.

3. Sweet Potato with Toasted Marshmallows

The sweetness of the orange “vegetable” paired with the sweet creamy texture brings a taste of autumn to your mouth. Often complemented with cinnamon spices brings an authentic feel resembling pumpkin pie. Served with golden brown marshmallows

4. Acai (acacia) Honey

a beautiful compilation of vanilla ice cream drizzled with sweet sticky acacia honey is a perfect match for someone looking for that naturally sugary flavor.

5. butternut squash

As one of the healthiest desserts you may ever have, butternut squash brings a nutty and savory edge to your creamy ice cream.

6. egg nog

a holiday classic, powerful eggnog filling to cup. Goes good with a minty ice cream.

7. Red Spleen

a delicious flavor of a real human spleen swirled in with the red dye 40

8. Celery Sorbet

the basic flavor of celery combined with the cold blast of a sorbet keeping it nice and fresh.

9. Strawberry Balsamic

This option creams together the luscious flavor of summer strawberries to the classic and fancy taste of tangy italian balsamic vinaigrette. It makes you imagine lounging by a pool in your own mansion, white cat stretched at your side. Often served at numerous Salt & Straw locations, this flavor will bring you a sense of classiness.

10. Cream Cheese Red Velvet

A classic combination brought to the masters of creamery. The red velvet cake gives off a sweet, chocolatey taste for the cream cheese to just swoop in and deliver the final taste into your mouth creating a vortex of yum.

11. Cucumber Blueberry Lime Sorbet

This refreshing combo of watery fruits and vegetables create the perfect choice for a hot summer day. Enjoy after a long run, or for a day spent in hell.

12. Summer Sweet Corn

freshly grown sweet corn mixed in with a butter flavored ice creams. It is a fantastic way to finish of the fresh summer corn. Available in lightly buttered.

13. Pear and Blue Cheese

The tangy flavor of blue cheese paired with fresh sweet pears brings a greek style of ice cream resembling the contents of an appetizer plate. This flavor was made popular by Salt & Straw.

14. Honey Jalapeño Pickle

This ice cream was created to give the consumers a nice chill going down them. It quickly gives you the taste of the pickle and then the spice of the Jalapeño kicks in.

15. Rosewater

For customers looking for a less eccentric choice. This floral light flavorless herb water adds a little edge to the standard ice cream.

16. Goat Cheese and Cashew Caramel

17. Zen Butter

a peanut butter based ice cream with sesame seeds in the base. The sesame seeds are toasted for maximum flavor. The peanut butter gives off a nice creamy texture and sweet flavor to be mastered by the savoriness of the sesame seeds.

18. Rosemary Honey Goat Cheese,

Created by Capogiro Gelato Artisans in Philadelphia, the combonation of sweet honey, herbal rosemary and tangy goat’s milk displays the best of all worlds.

19. Wild berry lavender

20. Creamed Cod

Located at a fish and chips bar in London called George’s Portobello Fish Bar, ice cream is served by first being deep fried while coated in a pepper-vanilla batter. Made from a potato flavored ice cream.

21. Smurf Gelato

Anise is used when making this gelato creating a taste similar to black licorice, but has more of the spice kind of taste. The blue color is a great sight to see. In Italy, this gelato is called Puffo, meaning smurf in italian.

22. Sichuan Pepper

23. Banana Curry

Served in the San Francisco restaurant Manresa, the tropical banana ice cream is mixed with curry spices to change the flavor becoming similar to Indian food. This ice cream can be paired with non-dessert style foods because of it’s strong bitter flavor.

24. Wasabi Pea Dust

Using peas coated in the ancient asian condiment wasabi, creameries are able to create the classic wasabi flavor blasted in the icy freeze to create a spicy chill.

25. Hibiscus Beet Sorbet

26. Foie Gras and Butter Beer

27. pbj with toast chunks

A swirl of peanut butter inside a berry flavored ice cream with chunks of toast sprinkled on top for the eyes to see and the mouth to taste.

28. Pizza

29. Breakfast in Bed

30. Avocado with Mint and Sour Cream

only brave souls try this ice cream.

31. bone marrow with bourbon smoked cherry

32. eggplant tahini

33. bacon jalapeño popper