Homecoming 2015

By Maisie Roberson

Homecoming originated in the 19th century as a time when college alumni could visit and celebrate their old schools, usually involving a home football game they would attend. Homecoming has since become (on the high school level) more of a celebration of the school by the students, with assemblies, home football games, dances, homecoming courts and spirit weeks.

This year’s spirit week lasted from September 28 to October 2, with Twin, Tie Dye, Crazy Sock, Dress Like a Teacher, and Red and White Day, respectively. On Dress Like a Teacher Day there was a homecoming assembly where many of the teachers of Ashland High School performed a choreographed mash-up of many different popular songs. This was also performed during halftime at the homecoming football game.

Last school year Ashland High School’s Leadership created a gender-neutral homecoming court. It is made up of the three “Grizzliest Grizzlies” from each class. Each class court is decided upon by voting within their year. At Ashland High’s annual homecoming assembly the top twelve seniors perform skits so that the student body can decide for whom they want to vote in the final round of voting, which is open to the entire student body.

This year’s Grizzly Court consisted of freshmen Alex Brehmer, Dane Reynolds, and Yize Yuan, sophomores Ivy Amann, Sasha Aazami, and Preston Mead, juniors Chris Buckley, Grace Pruitt, and Kate Joss-Bradley, and seniors David Lee, Dominic Meads, Marcello Romano, Bowie Levick, Suriel Hess, Gillian Mullane, Sarah Lasoff, Raymond Impara, Ryan Hoe, Hannah Johnson, Ava Altig, and Amelia Sorenson. During halftime at Ashland’s homecoming football game, David Lee, Dominic Meads, and Suriel Hess were announced as the Grizz Royalty.

Ashland’s homecoming football game was on October 2, with the Ashland varsity football team playing against Churchill High School from Eugene; Ashland won 44-15.

On October 3, Ashland High School’s Homecoming Dance took place in the Ashland High gym. The theme was “Cloud 9”. The gym was decorated to match the theme: the lights mostly out, three large umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, faux candles and cotton-like fluff on the bleachers, red tarps on the gym floor, and a photo station with a night sky background. Sophomore Ellie Carter ran the photo-booth during the entire dance, capturing some of the brightest moments.

Overall, there was a significant show of school spirit this year, with many students and teachers participating in the homecoming festivities.