2015-2016 Snow Sports

Ellie Stanek


        Mt. Ashland did not get as much snow as the community desired last year.  However, Ashland High School’s snow sports were still very successful. The snowboard team competed in the State Championships at Mt. Bachelor, and won for the second year in a row. The AHS athletes accomplished this after having to travel to Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Shasta, California for practices because Mt. Ashland wasn’t open long enough to accommodate scheduled practices. This year is off to a great start because Mt. Ashland has been graced with 63 inches of snow. It has more snow than any mountain in the valley including Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Shasta.  At the very beginning of the season, Mt. Ashland had to close down because they lost power. However once it reopened, the mountain was an instant hit with eager mountain-goers.  “I am most excited to be able to snowboard a lot more often on Mt. Ashland because it has been a while since I’ve been able to do that,” says Senior Lars Filson. AHS’s snow sports like nordic skiing, alpine skiing, and snowboarding have plenty of snow to shred on this season. With fresh powder, the snow base suggests a very hopeful 2015-2016 season for AHS.