A Shot Heard Around the World

Claren Shields

Just one dribble, a jump, and a one handed throw puts the Ashland High-School senior, Stenley Graham, all over the news. The game between Ashland and Eagle Point was a close tie with Ashland only losing by two points. But the team who stole the show was Ashland when the high-school senior created the most impressive shot of the season. As the ball flew through the air then landed in the basket only touching the net, the crowd roared with excitement. Graham had just beaten the buzzer. After videos of Graham went viral and made its way to ESPN Sportscenter, the coach, Sam Osofsky, emailed a statement to all the teachers in the school saying, “It’s a brief moment that these boys will cherish for the rest of their lives. I could not think of a more deserving group of young men to receive such a special moment.” Osofsky was very proud of his team and couldn’t ask for a better way for them to be recognized.