Mock Ballots


This year’s elections have been a stressful and scary ride. But it all comes to an end today. Ashland High school decided to offer mock ballots to see who or what underage students would vote for if they could vote.

What is the mock ballot: The mock ballot is exactly what it sounds like: a ballot that simulates the voting for both ballot measures and candidates. There are two different ballots; one is a paper ballot box in the library that only has the presidential candidates. The other is an online ballot that has all candidates and measures in Ashland. All students are encouraged to participate, but Seniors were asked to fill out the online portion in Senior Seminar. Mrs. Tigerson, the librarian, would like to see where the students stand when faced with more responsibility and options, and it could also give a little insight to students how adults in Ashland might be voting.

This could potentially show where they will stand in the future as well, and that could be truly insightful to the future of Oregon or just simply our county. While voting is encouraged, Mrs. Tigerson is aware that it hasn’t been taken too seriously this year. She hopes that in future years it will be.

Where to go: There is a ballot box in the library and the online ballot is available at: