Ted Talks and Tea


Sophia Wiencek and Ava Hearn

You may have heard that Ashland High school has a new club on campus. On Tuesdays at lunch in English-9, students come together with mugs of tea and gather around a table to watch selected TED Talks. TED Talks and Tea creates a comfortable space where students can come together and learn about interesting topics that are not usually taught in school. There are over two thousand TED Talks that feature a variety of topics from quantum physics to ballroom dancing.

TED Talks give students a chance to explore things they are curious about and approach education in a way that caters more to their individual interests. “We want to make education fun and [feel] like less of an obligation,” explained co-president Bea Walker, “Education is about engaging in what interests you.” So far Ted Talks and Tea has been met with very positive remarks and the club is growing rapidly. “At our first meeting we had ten people. By our third meeting, that number had almost tripled,” said co-president Cora Stonewood.

In their first meetings, TED Talks and Tea is focusing more on comedic TED talk speakers and funny anecdotes in an attempt to recruit more members. A talk they watched recently was by David Blaine, magician and stuntman who holds the world record for holding his breath underwater for seventeen minutes. TED Talks and Tea ensures that they represent club members by leading discussions after each to talk to find out what students like and which topics they want see. TED Talks and Tea is continuing to grow and get students engaged in a different way of learning.