Never Too Early to Deck the Halls

Grace Johnson

Bear with me here, but autumn means nothing to me. Is that a little harsh? Maybe… but in my eyes, it is simply the last season before it’s considered “appropriate” to bump Mele Kalikimaka and bake something that’s not overly-sweet-pumpkin flavor. Imagine yourself all snuggled up in bed, warm peppermint scented candles are lit, and you’re snacking on gingerbread cookies. Earlier that day you drove to Target, walked through those magical red automatic doors and were instantly hit with childhood nostalgia of tinsel and jingle bells. You envision the fake pine trees glowing with built in lights and the giant candy canes that you never end up finishing, despite your best efforts. Is it the holiday season? Not quite! But does that stop you from blasting “Last Christmas” by Wham! in the middle of November? Not quite!

Who’s to say that festive music has a specific timeframe? I say sing along loudly and proudly. You might get some glares from the other people around you but remind them that the Twelve Days of Christmas extend beyond just those few days. The holiday season year after year reigns supreme over all other seasons, and I have absolutely no problem recreating it by turning up the A/C in my house and pretending it’s the dead of winter in July. It’s the coziest time of year, it’s about putting on your thickest socks, wearing your warmest sweater, and softest scarf. It’s also about putting on your best noise-canceling headphones to drown out the chaos of your younger cousins. Why not relax and browse Spotify’s festive playlist section? It’s already up and easy to find.