Meet the Mescos, a friendly family new to AHS.

Allie Poole

From nursery rhymes to Shakespearean plays, the “rule of three” (in latin- “omne trium perfectum”) has always suggested that things that come in threes are of inherently marvelous quality. This rule makes no exception for siblings, as illustrated by the Mesco family.

Mikhal, Mak and Aisha. Photo by Caden Young.

Mikhal, Mak and Aisha, all one year apart and new to Ashland High School this year, have adjusted wonderfully from being homeschooled in L.A. to attending a public school in Ashland. The transition was “surprisingly easy,” says Mak, a sophomore. Aisha, the youngest of the bunch, mentioned that they were exposed to a high school environment through their homeschooling program. They were enrolled in college courses – while still being homeschooled, and that revealed the oh-so-exciting standard classes many students in a public school experience today. Additionally, they’re a very lively and close knit family; despite their busy schedules filled with ballet and baseball, they manage to spend time with each other and get along, except when they all have to do different homework in the same space. “We all get annoyed with each other when we’re trying to do homework. My brother has a question for his algebra class, and I’m like ‘Mikhal! I’m trying to think about this English paper!’” Laughs Aisha. “I bully them more than they bully me.” All of their humor and teasing, however, is good-natured.

When asked about any “sibling perks” while being in school together, their faces lit up. “Oh yeah. I mean, my brother and I are taking a lot of the same classes just different periods and we have the same homework a lot of the time,” Mak notes. The red/white day system at Ashland High is truly a blessing in their eyes, since they can help each other.

The Mescos are so affable with one another, that when questioned about their relationship after high school, they paused. “I don’t know,” Says Mikhal, the oldest. “[Aisha is] the one who’s going to change the most because [she’s] younger.” They’ve already experienced separation from another sibling, they have a half-brother who lives in LA and it’s “weird enough” not having him around. However, they all noted that their relationship with him has stayed intact and strong. When Mikhal, a junior, leaves in a little over a year, Aisha somberly stated that it would just be her and Mak holding down the fort. But for the rest of this year and the ones following, make sure to scout out Aisha, Mak and Mikhal on the quad and say hello to this spirited bunch of siblings here at AHS.