Groovy Grace’s Guidance

You can contact Grace Johnson via email: [email protected], drop questions in the box in room 202, or submit to the Rogue News instagram @theroguenews. Grace promises to keep your confessions and questions confidential.

To the Grooviest of Graces, 

I have a caffeine addiction. I am a struggling senior here at beautiful Ashland High School, and I have found that to stay awake during Career and College Readiness I must consume multiple caffeinated drinks (preferably Yerb), but I tend to become anxious and shaky, and my eyes still won’t stay open! 


Caffeine Coffee Bean 


Dear CCB, 

We’ve all been there. Staring into space while your eyes twitch with caffeine and your legs shake for what feels like forever. It can be a drag! We’ve all stood at Little Shop of Bagels knowing that the overpriced Yerba Mate maybe isn’t worth it, but we still grab it, hopeful for that extra caffeine boost. The choice between twiddling your thumbs or hearing your teacher tell you all about the looming chaos of college is never an easy one. Some tips for staying awake during class are drinking more water (it helps with the shakiness), doodling in the margins of your notes or using bright pens to take notes, chewing mint gum, and lastly, changing the position you’re sitting in (criss-cross apple sauce is possible if you try hard enough, trust me). I wish you the best of luck in your CCR class, and remember, the occasional Yerb won’t hurt anyone. 

Dear Groovy Grace, 

How do I make new friends Senior year? There are a lot of cool people who I wish I was friends with, but I’m not sure how to approach them! 




Dear Unsure, 

Senior year is the final stretch of your high school year! Many people find themselves bored with the same routine, and like to mix things up. Feeling stuck socially can feel like being in a hole, but it’s important to get out there and extend yourself. I promise you that those cool people you’re talking about think the same of you! The easiest way to get to know others is joining clubs, being more open to different work groups in class, and playing on sports teams. Social media is also another advantage to you. DM the other person and throw your inhibitions to the wind! It’s 2018 and we’re more connected than ever! Use it, but please, for the sake of others, keep it casual and make sure to be conscious about how the other person is reciprocating. Good luck with getting your wings you brave social butterfly. I believe in you!