Native American Student Union

The Native American Student Union (NASU) is one of few clubs at Ashland High School centered around race. This club has a very important message about working towards educating people on respecting the differences of others. The club meets on Mondays during lunch in the Catalyst building, IA-4, where they talk about how to bring awareness of their culture and history to the school. Malia Rodriguez, president and founder of the club, said, “There aren’t very many Native American outreach programs for youth. There isn’t really anybody on campus or anyone to help younger people about their bloodline.” Rodriguez continued, “The club is about bringing awareness… of what we can show and do for indigenous youth as well as forming alliances with people who aren’t Native American and letting them know what they can do. Basically, it’s all-inclusive in letting people know what is going on.” She hopes that NASU will inform people on the cultural appropriation and stereotypes surrounding indigenous people. Her long-term goal for this club is to establish a footprint on campus as well as the entire community. She is also working on introducing a more inclusive history to the curriculum in the Humanities department. Rodriguez stated, “We are all connected, we are all related, whether you think about it religiously or scientifically, however far back you go, we are all connected. You don’t need to agree with people, you just need to share a mutual respect.” As of now, NASU is working on sharing Native American Heritage Month for November on campus to celebrate the cultural contributions from Indigenous predecessors.