Speech and Debate Banners in Cafeteria


Where do the Speech and Debate banners go when Ashland High School wins the state championships? In the place where students go to eat during lunch, the commons.

Karl Kemper, the AHS athletic director, explained that the gym used to have big wooden beams where they hung all of the school’s banners. Now the gym has little metal beams which are unable to hold the school’s banners.

“The wall where we hang up the sports banners is almost full,” says Kemper. He didn’t make the decision to hang the banners in the cafeteria, Michelle Zundel did. She picked the cafeteria not only because there was too little room in the gym, but also because parents and students go there so often.

“I like to highlight excellence in school and [I thought] if I hung them in the commons, they would be admired more,” Zundel says. She considered hanging them in the library but since the art work was hung up there, she thought the banners weren’t big enough to fit. There has been nothing but positive feedback about the location of the banners because they were in storage for about a year and a half.

The Speech and Debate banners rest in the cafeteria for everyone to admire and appreciate all the successes of our AHS Speech and Debate team.