Speech and Debate at the Pacific Tournament


Ashland Forensics with their competition.

This past weekend, Speech and Debate coach Wendy Werthaiser traveled with the Ashland High School Speech and Debate team to Pacific University for a tournament. Sophomore Lily Lion says, “Speech and Debate has improved my literacy and has made me more motivated in school.” And it’s true, as one of the top teams in the nation, Ashland High School succeeds at every tournament.

The results are as follows:

Tenaya Kenner: Finalist in Oratory

Alexander Barnes: Finalist in Oratory

Grady Kileen: 3rd in Oratory

Kelsey Cronin: Semi-Finalist in Dramatic Interpretation

Eddy McVarish: Semi-Finalist, Oratory

Maddie Honingford: Semi-Finalist in Expository

Cass Anderson: Finalist in Expository

Auburn Beebe: Finalist in Expository

Grace St. Claire-Bates: Finalist in Expository

Grady Kileen: 2nd Overall Speaker in Debate

Auburn Beebe: 3rd Overall Speaker in Debate

Nathan Ostovar: Quarter-Finalist in LD Debate

Tenaya Kenner: Semi-Finalist in LD Debate

Auburn Beebe: Semi-Finalist in LD Debate

Mack Conroy/Dante Toppo: Semi-Finalist in LD Debate