Interview With AHS Artist David Ehrun

One of David Ehrun's abstract art pieces.

David Ehrun is a Senior at Ashland High School, and an artist who has participated in Mark Schoenleber’s art classes nearly every semester of his high school career. On March 4 His art will be displayed at Ashland’s monthly First Friday Art Walk at Illahe Gallery which takes place down town and in the railroad district. In the following interview, Ehrun shares his opinion on art, his work, and what inspires him.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I do sculpture; I’m pretty terrible at drawing and painting. I definitely don’t have a consistent style. I just work with whatever materials I can get my hands on. My art is never planned- if I see something that might look cool, I’ll do it. It’s all based on the materials I find. I work with [these materials] until it wither winds up going somewhere or being tossed.

Q: When did you begin doing art and sculpture?

A: I don’t know how long. My mom is a local artist and has always encouraged me. She really put me on the art track. I only started doing sculpture in the last couple years… I got my hands on a couple materials and just started working with them- this wasn’t at school, it was outside. I’ve been taking Mark [Schoenleber’s] class pretty much every semester since I’ve been at the High School because I can really experiment.

Q: Who or what has been the biggest influence on your art and style?

A: I don’t really have an influence- I do anything and everything. It’s fun to just experiment.

Q: Why do you work with sculpture?

A: [Sculpture is] 3D, interactive. You can manipulate it in some interesting ways.

Q: Any future plans for your talent?

A: I don’t see [art] as a future or anything.