What Lies Beneath


As we go through our day to day routine at the high school it is difficult to conceive that there is, in fact, some excitement at the high school. Deep in the underbelly of the mundane resides several of the best-kept-secrets of the school. How many times have you passed by the tech building and wondered what was in the dark dungeon-like room beneath the lockers? Or have you ever noticed the large double doors next to Mrs. Spear’s room? Well I was fortunate enough to receive a tour of both these places. My journey began with a short tour of the “dungeon”. In the darkness I discovered something extraordinary. The school has kept records on every student since 1930. Yes, that means that you too will be nothing more than an archive once you graduate. It does raise the question: Why do they need records on people from the 1930’s? Perhaps we will never know the answer to this, but this isn’t the only purpose of this bunker. They also keep large amounts of extra desks and supplies there. Seems relatively boring; however, there is one door that the janitor refused to open. Only God and Zundel know what lies behind that door.                                                                                                                                                             The second part of my tour was something that has forever changed my perspective on the school. The large double doors to the right of Mrs. Spear’s room are only the first of many doors within that building. Once opened, the janitor escorted me through four separate doors. Each was locked and was guarding small rooms with little or no contents. Once I made it through the final door I was shocked to see a large room. The air was cold and damp and plants grew on the surrounding concrete walls. We were approximately 20 feet underground and the room was large enough to fit at least sixty people. In the very middle of the room were literally hundreds of broken desks. Using my investigatory journalist skills, I discovered several news paper clippings from the 1950s. It sent a chill up my spine to think that many of these desks were here for over sixty years! By the end of my tour I was cold, tired and ready to get back to the warmth of the day. As interesting and educational as the experience was, I often think of those rooms and question why Ashland high school needs such lavish storage bunkers. It leads me to believe that perhaps there is a much greater mystery that still needs to be uncovered from the depths of our ancient school.