Whirl Wind of Weather

The weather has been anything but predictable this winter/spring. A day’s weather could consist of cool and overcast, warm and sunny or cold with heavy rain. This has been one of the wettest years in the past decade and the risk of a drought is far lower than in recent years. The average rainfall from January through April is 7.7 inches. We are well above this due to the unusually wet early spring.

Global Warming? It sure as heck doesn’t seem like it. All throughout the country, places are experiencing one of the most extreme winters in quite a few years. Anything from the snowfall and ice ravaging the east coast, to the deadly tornadoes in Alabama, the country has been hit hard this year.

“Man, I’m just ready for summer,” said disgruntled Junior Marley Schwartz. With the end of the school year approaching, students at AHS are getting sick of the high fifties weather with light showers. Everyone wants sun! The administration is worried about the warm weather and kids not obeying the dress code. As the weather gets better don’t forget to cover the 3 B’s, Butts, Boobs and Backs; dress appropriately AHS.