The Beauty Myth

The Beauty Myth

Who decides what makes women beautiful? Want an honest answer? Read the Beauty Myth written by Naomi Wolf, published in 2002. This book you will give you a detailed explanation concerning the difficulties women faced (and still face) defining what is beautiful. As you read you come to the realization that it is women who’ve allowed them-selves to be fooled by society, due to their desperate need to feel desired and noticed by their counter parts. Because we all know that beauty is what defines us right?

During the past decade, women breached the power structure; meanwhile eating disorders rose exponentially and cosmetic surgery became the fastest growing medical specialty. According to Naomi Wolf during the past five years, consumer spending doubled, pornography became the main media category, ahead of legitimate films and records combined, and thirty-three thousand American women told researchers that they would rather lose ten to fifteen pounds than achieve any other goal.

Reading this, one ponders that although women have come this far since 1848, when we first signed The Declaration of Sentiments. That outlined grievances and set the agenda for the women’s rights movement. Women have come to yet another puddle in the road where they are all afraid to put on their big girl panties and jump the darn thing. Meaning that society still controls the way women think whether it be in workplace, religion, and even at home, society still tells
women how they should look in order to be considered worth something. Beauty is no longer just a symbolic form of currency; it has literally become money. A Playboy waitress was fired due to the fact that she had lost her “Bunny Image.” The nice bod, cute face, coveted bust size, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Though Naomi may make some angry with her opinions and stories. She has thoroughly researched this issue and this book is her conclusion. This is also just one person’s point of view, so don’t take what you have read to heart. Just open your mind to a new perspective and to the possibility that you may be dancing to society’s tune. The beauty myth is actually prescribing behavior and not appearance. So read this book, enjoy and I hope that you learn something of value.

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