Where Have All The iPods Gone?

Cassandra Anderson

iPods anxiously awaiting to be used by students in the Foreign Language Department.

Last year the science classrooms were stocked with what some students considered “awesome” and others considered “unnecessary” iPod Touches. Biology, chemistry and environmental science students would participate in the occasional iPod related assignment, but in most cases it seemed as if the iPods were not being used to their full potential, if at all. This year there seems to be a lacking in the iPod department. What happened to the iPods? Where are they now?

It turns out that the two sets of iPod Touches were dispersed out of the Science Department completely. One went to the Foreign Language Department and the other to Helman Elementary School. However, there will be replacements in the Science Department for the iPods.

“We got the laptops we asked for in the first place,” Mrs. DeSalvo, a chemistry teacher, said, who elaborated further that the iPods were no loss. Although the laptops are not yet in the hands of the science department, excitement buzzes in anticipation.

“I think it’s important that we make the iPods, and other forms of technology, accessible to all students, not just kids in science classes or foreign language classes,” Misha Boldt said. With the new distribution of technology at AHS, students and teachers alike are looking forward to the 21st century developments on campus.