Unconventional Water Bottles

Cassandra Anderson

Simple elegance: the water jar. Photo by Emma Cobb

We all see them in their different shapes and sizes. They exemplify the second R in reduce, reuse, and recycle. That’s right: the unconventional water bottle, whether it be a jar or an old juice container. The people using them not only look hip, but are saving our planet as well. But when it comes to these H2O holders, you have to know the low down on what’s acceptably reusable, and what’s meant to stay in the recycling bin. The three most common unconventional water bottles can be found right here, so that you may begin your journey of the three R’s.

The Jar. Its simple elegance allows nearly anyone to enjoy it’s reusing ability without having to search -to hard or buy anything new. Whether it be an old peanut butter jar or a mason almost any jar can work. You can usually find somebody reusing an old jar for their unconventional and reused water bottle, as this is arguably the most common non bottle water bottle. So dig in your cupboards, or search your recycling bin, to find the jar that’s right for you and your water drinking needs.
The Old Juice Container. This is the reusable water container that just keeps on giving, by first supplying your favorite juice beverage and then giving you the ability to save the world and have a stylish water holder at the same time. Suggestions for such juice bottles include Santa Cruz organic juices, such as an old lemonade bottle. If you need a large supply of water grab a bigger container like an old cranberry juice bottle. Whether you have to go out and buy some juice or go into your refrigerator or simply dig into your recycling bin, this stylish and hip choice of an unconventional water bottle will be worth your while.
The Platy Pouch. Do not be fooled; this water bottle is indeed unconventional, as it is lacking in the bottle and embodies a pouch instead, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as great. Even though when using a Platy Pouch you are not reusing, there is no need to be alarmed. This little pouch was rated in the Top Five Most Eco Friendly Water Bottles by Time Magazine. These collapsible, soft plastic, pouches are perfect for the world traveler, as they are easy to store and are extremely lightweight. Platy packs pride themselves on both their BPA and taste-free water storage containers.  Platy packs come in a variety of colors ranging from raspberry to plain clear, and from .5 liters to 2 liters. Prices tend to range from around $10-$15, but if you’re on the go and want an unconventional water bottle to go along with you, The Platy Pouch is exactly what you need.