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Parker Greaves, Editor

Born and raised in Ashland, Parker Greaves is now a senior at Ashland High School. They have dabbled in many different clubs over the years, such as Drama Club in ninth and tenth grade and Truth To Power in tenth and eleventh. Last year, she and Simone Starbird also founded the Women’s Affinity Group, a club that is geared toward creating a safe space for women and their allies, as well as promoting feminism at AHS.

In addition to her work with social justice, Greaves also enjoys exploring her creativity. Throughout her childhood, Greaves was encouraged to explore imagination and self-expression through many different mediums, including art, fashion, and music. Her musical education began at seven years old, when she began taking fiddle lessons, and these days you can find her busking downtown on the streets of Ashland whenever the weather’s good. Greaves is also self-taught on piano and guitar, and has a passion for singing that lends itself well to the acoustic accompaniment that those instruments provide. Their music taste ranges from pop to folk to acoustic, and they enjoy experimenting with different styles of songwriting.

Aside from music, Greaves likes to write poetry, short stories, and the occasional novel. She spends her free time crafting stories of all kinds, and hopes to continue to do so for the rest of her life. Their love of writing is what encouraged them to join Rogue News in their junior year of high school, and she is thrilled to be back as an editor for her last year of high school.

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