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Simone Starbird, Editor

Simone Starbird is a 17-year-old junior at Ashland High School. Even with the stress of school, she still finds time to relax and do the things she loves. Cooking, reading, and playing music are only a few of the hobbies Starbird does in her free time. Her favorite hobby is cooking, she began cooking when she was 10 and has stuck with it from that point on. Her favorite dish to make - pasta with a specially cooked sauce - is fairly simple but brings her the most joy. Her cooking love started with an extreme baking phase where she only liked sweet foods and watched multiple baking shows. But as time went on, she moved on to more savory foods. Not only is Starbird good at cooking, but she also loves to play guitar and piano. She’s self-taught and describes herself as enjoying these instruments more for the relaxation rather than to be good at playing them (but she is still very good).

Starbird loves the rain and hopes in the future to be living somewhere much bigger than Ashland, preferably somewhere without smoke and with a lot of rainy weather. She likes the idea of living in Boston, even if she has never been there before, and her favorite vacation spot from previous years was her trip to Washington D.C. No matter what Starbird does, her relaxed mindset will take her far in life allowing her to find a balance in work and play.

Written by Joelle Annen

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Simone Starbird