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Zoe Beauregard, Writer

Zoe Beauregard is 16 years old and a sophomore at AHS. She attended the John Muir outdoor school from kindergarten to 8th grade. During her 9 years at John Muir, she learned a lot of valuable lessons about nature and life in general. Zoe mentioned that they went on a lot of fun backpacking field trips and one of the expressions that stuck with her was, “Leave things how you found them.” Zoe is excited to be taking Rogue News for the first time because one of her biggest passions is writing. Whether she becomes an author in the future or takes a different career path, she said she always wants writing to be a part of her life. Her older sister, Stella, is 19 and an AHS graduate. Her younger sister, Nellie, is 14 years old and a freshman at AHS this year. She loves spending time with her dog Buster, and her cat Oliver. In her free time, Zoe likes reading, writing, and playing her favorite video game, Minecraft. Zoe’s favorite genre of music is classical rock. She can attribute this to her dad, who always played it for her while she was growing up. When asked where she wants to live in the future, she replied with, “anywhere colder!”, then went on to explain that the east coast is the most feasible option, because a lot of her family lives there. Like most of us, Zoe is entering this fully in-person school year with nerves, but also with excitement to see her friends again. 

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Zoe Beauregard