Career Day Approaches Again

Career Day Approaches Again

Career day is a chance for everyone to get to find out more about a profession that they’re interested in. A wide range of speakers will be present, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. This is how the day is planned:

    School will start at 8:00 in Advisory where a list of the day’s presenters will be passed out. There are four different 35-minute long sessions to watch speakers. Afterwards, there will be a writing/reflection time in Advisory before lunch. A shortened White Day with half-hour long class periods will follow lunch, and the day will end at 2:10 P.M.
This year there will be over 80 speakers, 70% of which are new to Ashland High School. This has been done so that many of the more popular professions – medicine, technology, fine arts, law, television, and more – will be represented from a new person’s point of view. The careers that will be represented include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Criminal law (Jackson County District Attorney Office),
  • Law enforcement (FBI, CHP, Ashland Chief of Police, OR State Police)
  • Real estate
  • College coaching (SOU Football coaches)
  • Writing & directing for Hollywood
  • Careers in foreign service (US State Dept.)
  • Cheese-making, wine business, chocolate business
  • Eco architecture (Eco-Nest Architecture inc.)
  • Education
  • Commercial construction (Adroit Construction)
  • Medicine
  • Automotive repair
  • Musical instrument construction and repair
  • Engineering (structural/civil, robotics)
  • Restaurants (chef, baking, coffee, owning/running, brewing, marketing)
  • Therapist/counselor, psychology
  • OSF actor, playbill editor, and more
  • Business (financial planning, grocery co-op, non-profit-YMCA Exec Director)
  • Television
  • Professional photography (Debra Thornton Photography)


This year’s event was organized by two AHS parent volunteers, Cassandra Toews and Margaret Brownlie. Thanks to their hard work, there should be something to fit everyone’s interests. For a printable and more detailed schedule, click here.

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