The Giving Grizz Fights Back


What would you say if I told you that right now, at AHS, there are students suffering from Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is a crisis that we often hear about, but never expect to happen to those we know and love. Especially when that person hasn’t even celebrated their eighteenth birthday. Not only is cancer life-threatening, but treatment can financially cripple a family. Though money is usually not the only stressor in a medical crisis, financial aid can go a long way to support a family fighting cancer or any other debilitating condition.

This year’s group of leadership students have organized a new fund, called the Giving Grizz, which will provide immediate financial support to any student’s family dealing with crisis. This fund is not exclusive to families fighting cancer. Where there is need, the Grizzly will give. The whole school has already begun fundraising through such activities as activities the team-run basketball “shoot-a-thon”.

Leadership itself  is currently running a beard-growing drive amongst several teachers, who must grow facial hair while striving to meet a weekly quota of donations. If a teacher fails to meet the
required $50 in donations, the beard must go. A sophomore project has even been designed to find bone marrow donors to aid various cancer victims.

It is anticipated that Leadership’s latest innovation, the Giving Grizz, will provide much needed support to students of AHS and their families suffering from medical tragedies.