National Teacher Appreciation Week


One of the most important roles in the development of our nations youth is education. Most young people in America have the opportunity to be educated at least through the high school level. While education is very important, it is sometimes easy to overlook those who keep this education system together: the teachers. It is the teachers who have educated their students 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 9 months a year. They’re there for their students during and outside of class hours. Teachers are the cogs that make the education system work. The fact that teachers are willing to work so much to get our nations youth ready for the real world is astonishing, that’s for sure.

Sometimes it’s hard to to show your gratitude for your teachers. That’s why teacher appreciation week exists. The week of Monday, May 6 to Friday, May 10, is National Teacher Appreciation Week: a week dedicated to letting teachers know how thankful we are. For teacher appreciation week you could write a letter, give a hug, even say a simple “thank-you” to show your teachers you care; because they certainly do. To say thanks, Ashland High School leadership is planning projects and activities related to teacher appreciation week.

Leadership hasn’t yet decided what they are going to do for Teacher Appreciation Week, but in past years there have been many activities. In 2012, advisories wrote letters to teachers and Ashland High had  an assembly dedicated to the teachers. Other schools have had parades, gift card drives, and teacher appreciation luncheons.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a great cause, but it shouldn’t end on May 10. The appreciation and gratitude for teachers should continue through the end of the this school year and into the next. Teachers play the biggest role in the education system, so why not be thankful? Teacher Appreciation Week reminds students to be thankful so that our teachers can keep on teaching with enthusiasm.