Homecoming in the 21’st century


In 1870, both Harvard University and Yale University hosted their first homecoming football games. Almost twenty years later Baylor University hosted its first homecoming week, consisting of a spirit week, dance, parade, and football game of course. For the next 10 years the school had no such celebration; until 1915 when they brought homecoming back, and for good this time. This new sort of celebration spread like wildfire all over the country, but Ashland High School was a little slow, not celebrating its first homecoming until the mid 1950’s.

    Homecoming was created in the U.S. to join alumni students and help create more school spirit, not only within schools but within communities. As years have gone by the dances have changed and, on top of that, the people have changed. On September 20, 2013 the United States had its first transgender homecoming queen. 16 year old Cassidy Campbell was crowned homecoming queen of Marina High School, Huntington Beach California. Upon her crowning she burst into tears realizing that at that very moment she had made history.

    As the years continue to go by I predict many more homecomings to be celebrated along with variations of the traditions and people who celebrate them.