2013 Gender Bender Dance


How many dances could you go to and see football players in dresses? What about cheerleaders with fake beards? And how many dances are held at Science Works?

Just Gender Bender: Ashland High School’s one of a kind evening of music, dancing and cross-dressing.

On November 23, the Gay Straight Alliance wants to invite you to this annual evening event. The dance starts at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $4 in advance or $5 at the door. However, if you show up dressed as the opposite gender, the price at the door is only $4.

This year the dance has a funky 80’s theme with music and decorations to match. Disco balls, Queen, Duran Duran, you name it. Costume themes are encouraged as well. Be as blindingly colorful as you want and maybe even win a prize for best costume. That’s right, along with all the dancing and fun, there is a fashion show near the end of the evening. Anyone can enter, no signing up is necessary.

The museum floor will be open to high school students as well if you want a break from dancing, go play with bubbles, pose in front of the shadow wall, or learn some science.

This is the fifth Gender Bender Dance that the GSA has hosted. It is the club’s biggest fundraiser, and half the proceeds every year go to a charitable cause.  The cause for this year is still undecided.