I Mustache You About No Shave November


You may think that No Shave November is a ridiculous tradition that willing and able boys participate in just because they can grow ridiculous amounts of facial hair in a very short period of time- but no, it has much more historical value than that. Plato, an ancient Greek scholar, is responsible for this month long custom. He didn’t invent it per se, since ancient Greece did not have actual months, but he did arrange a practice where men were not allowed to shave for a period of 30 days. Plato’s scholarly pal Aristotle agreed with this new tradition; in his Nicomachean Ethics, he stated: “No man can be trusted if he is without a beard.” Well, that makes Joseph Yaconelli and Nate Carver the most trustworthy fellows on campus. So, who is participating at Ashland High?

AHS Senior Avi Glucklich shared why he decided to participate in No Shave November; “I personally decided to participate in No Shave November because I’ve never done it before and I also wanted to see how I would look.” Remorsefully, Glucklich added “so far I think I really could do better.” Mr. Chase, teacher at AHS stated  “I choose to participate in No Shave November for prostate cancer awareness. My grandfather had prostate cancer; he’s better now, so that’s good. I’m aware of Movember, but I don’t think I could go with the whole mustache thing, so [my beard] is my participation. I have to appear in public frequently. I have very strong beard growing abilities, but I’d never go with a full Hagrid. I have concerts I have to be in. I have to look presentable.” Nate Carver, also a Senior, weighed in “on a scale of 1 to 10, if I kept it growing out for a long time, I’d say my beard growing capabilities could be anywhere from a 3 to a 5 [inches]. The longest I’ve done it is over the summer, about 3 months-it got pretty decent. Right now, it’s about a 2”-keep in mind it’s only 15 days into the month-“I’ve done it every year since Freshman year. I’m one of the only ones at the High School who can grow a beard. It’s fun to be one of a kind; I like to stand out.”

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re either a.) a women or b.) One of those unfortunate male specimens who can’t even sprout a chin whisker, there’s an alternative for you. In 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, an awareness organization was born: Movember. The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. Here’s how it works: men and women from all over the world sign up on the organization’s online website (movember.com). Once a member, men earn the name of ‘Mo bros’ and women ‘Mo Sistas’. Participants shave everything but the hair on their upper lip (not a problem for the ladies, usually). The more often you shave, the more you donate. In 2011, more than 84,000 people participated, raising $126 million dollars; all towards a positive change in men’s health. This organization isn’t limited to November only; you may donate year round.

So whether you decide to scruff it up or shave it down, participate in a historical tradition or an amazing organization, get involved this November!