Inside The Rogue News


There are a lot of goings on in the Rogue News room.  Whether it’s the general hustle and bustle of every-other-day reporters searching out stories, or the day-it’s-due panic that occurs every week.  Either way, The Rogue News is never a boring place to be.

From the click-clacking of keys to the tip-tapping of touch screens, there’s always something to listen to.  Try turning your ear to the comments–although calling them commandments is more fitting–from the editors, cloistered in their corner.  Maybe even concentrate on the nervous voices of deadline-pushing, fledgling reporters sequestered among the banks of computers pushed against the walls.

If you’re done listening by now–I don’t blame you, it gets loud–plug your ears and open your eyes.  Look to the previously mentioned editors’ enclosure and glance upon Photoshop creations coming to life one click by click.  Or if it suits you, feast your eyes upon the broadcasting section of the Rogue News.  They have nearly everything, sportscasting, green screens, microphones, and beards.

Now you might be finished looking around but there’s still three other senses to cover and this is only two paragraphs long.  On to smell then.  Take in the faint smell of newspaper, and gorge your nostrils on the soft scent of classroom.  Let the aroma of freshly written dry erase markers tickle your nose hairs.  Sniff…cough…the keyboards are dusty, I’d avoid getting your face too close to them.


 Take a deep breath and luxuriate in the aroma of The Rogue News.

Once you’re done with smelling take off your mittens and prepare to feel the many textures of the  newsroom.  What’s that?  That’s the smooth surface of one of the many cramped desks.  Get on your hands and knees and enjoy a fine example of stereotypical classroom carpeting.


Now what’s this smooth surface?  It’s perhaps one of four whiteboards placed around the room.  Not far from the whiteboards you’ll soon find the irregular texture of a keyboard.  I’d wash your hands now.  Move on and reach out with your hands and grab a fistful of fabric.  You’ve just groped a real live member of The Rogue News!


Moving on from that awkward moment, get ready to taste the quite flavorful newsroom.  Enjoy the germ covered taste of desks which often come with a slight hint of fake wood.  Let the tang of freshly written dry erase marker run along your taste buds.  Fill the crevices of keyboards with the tip of your tongue to taste the tangible bits of foodstuffs long since fallen into the abyss.  Now drop to your knees and plant your face to the floor; there’s plenty of hidden flavor locked away in the fibers.  At first you’ll find the subtle tastes of dirt, but carpet conceals a palate as wide as the finest restaurants.  Underneath the initial sensation you’ll find the soft but clear bits of food dust, crushed into the carpet by classes upon classes of heavy-footed pupils.

So next time you’re hungry or bored, come by the newsroom to taste our finest whiteboard, feel our greatest carpet, harass our favorite male broadcaster,  and wash your hands after touching our keyboards.