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Letter From The Editors

Letter From The Editors

the Editor Crew June 17, 2021

Dearest readers and AHS school body,   We’ve had to navigate through a lot of challenging obstacles in order to maintain the digital version of our school’s newspaper, and we’re very proud of...

Lithia's Redesign of the Japanese Garden

Lithia’s Redesign of the Japanese Garden

Leila Bunker, Writer May 25, 2021

The Ashland Parks Foundation is working with Toru Tanaka to create a redesigned authentic Japanese Garden in Lithia Park. The garden is closed for a total of up to 24 months while under construction. Jeff...

“An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” Review

Ava Tobar, Writer December 8, 2020

Hank Green aims to astound and amaze with his debut novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. The narrator, April May, is a college grad working long nights at a small graphic design company. April stumbles...

Inspiration From Literature I

Sequoia Snogren-McGinnis January 24, 2019

Inspiration:  “He lay very high, on the back of the world.  The earth thrilled beneath him.  Red flowers grew through his flesh;  their stiff leaves rustled by his head.”  - Mrs....

Groovy Grace’s Guidance

You can contact Grace Johnson via email: [email protected], drop questions in the box in room 202, or submit to the Rogue News instagram @theroguenews. Grace promises to keep your confessions and questions confidential.
January 24, 2019

To the Grooviest of Graces,  I have a caffeine addiction. I am a struggling senior here at beautiful Ashland High School, and I have found that to stay awake during Career and College Readiness...

Inside AHS

Bailey Mustard, Lexie Taylor, and Ayla Foust January 24, 2019

Roll Call! The attendance crackdown By Bailey Mustard Ashland High School is cracking down on attendance and is fully enforcing the existing attendance policy. The district has decided that there...

Black Student Union

Lara Rivera January 24, 2019

The Black Student Union (BSU) meets every Friday in Tech-1 where their goal is to provide a safe space to hold discussions. This year, juniors Siena Wand and Ngis Thiaw are the co-presidents. For Wand...

We Didn’t Sign Up for This

Teachers' Craziest Stories
Zoe Fenstermacher, Skyye D'Allyn, and Bella Sallee January 24, 2019

A Graphic Film During Amanda McGrew’s first year teaching at another school, a video about the Vietnam War was recommended to her by a fellow teacher for her students to watch. McGrew stated that she...

There Ought to Be a Law That…

A chance to get community members involved in Oregon politics
Amber Eaton January 24, 2019

Bella Mannray, a senior at Ashland High School, has been interning for Oregon representative Pam Marsh, and she has an interesting take on her senior project. In her time with Marsh, Mannray was awakened...

Ashland Alumni for Congress

Jamie McLeod-Skinner runs for House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms
Ava Hearn January 24, 2019

Just 33 years ago, AHS student, Jamie McLeod- Skinner, roamed the very same hallways that you do today. Now, she is campaigning throughout Southern and Eastern Oregon with the hope of serv­ing in the...

A Taste of Fall with Grace

Grace Schroder January 17, 2019

It is officially fall my friends, and I could not be more delighted. It is the season of pumpkin pie, apple cider, fireplaces, fuzzy socks, jumping into mounds of leaves and cozy Saturday afternoons...

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