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Ava Tobar, Writer

Ava Tobar, a Junior at AHS, just turned seventeen after her birthday on September 30th. She’s old for her grade and considers herself the mom friend stating, “I’m definitely a fixer and a helper.” Ava is quite a busy person and often finds that she has to schedule downtime. However, her ambitious attitude has led her to cultivate an arsenal of hobbies. You can often find her weightlifting with her older brother, acting in our school’s plays, or just generally being a kind voice of reason. You may recognize her as Tiny Tom from last year’s production of Urinetown. During her time as one of the many talented cast members, Ava, being detail-oriented, shared that body language played a huge role in her portrayal of Tiny Tom’s emotions while performing in the ensemble. Ava explains that everything down to the position of her hands provided depth to her character. Whether you see Ava on the stage, in class or downtown, you can trust that she’ll greet you with a smile.

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Ava Tobar