Snowboard Team Fundraising


The Ashland High School snowboard team is having a fundraiser at Louie’s Bar and Grill to raise money for trips to their competitions. Since Mount Ashland may not open, but if it does, it will have a late start in opening. The team is looking for money to fund new locations for competitions.

The fundraiser is at Louie’s Bar and Grill from February third to eighth. Say something along the lines of “I support AHS snowboard team” when ordering food, and the money you spend will go to the team. On the last night of the fundraiser, 8:00 to be exact, the team will be at Louie’s to watch the winter Olympics Slopestyle competition. They are so happy that Louie’s is providing the team with this chance to raise money.

Not many days are left before the first competition for the team, which means little practice for the team. They changed the location for the first competition to Mount Bachelor, and as of now, most competitions are planned to be there unless Mt. Ashland opens. In one trip they will have two competitions and  therefore need money for an overnight trip. In the same trip the team gets one part of the competition free but the second one costs money, not only for the lift tickets but also for the chance to compete. If the team can’t get enough money from  fundraisers they will have to cut Boardercross comps. It is the favorite of some of the raiders and will be missed.

The team has almost nowhere to practice, so they plan on going to the new trampoline gym in Medford called Rogue Air to practice for the upcoming competitions. This also costs money, but not as much as it costs to go to Bachelor for a day. Rogue Air may be the last practice before the team’s first competition. With the minimal amount of practice, they have had they are quite nervous about their performance, not only individually but as a team altogether. As a team they work hard to be fully prepared for whatever the season has to offer, and are looking forward to the season they have ahead of them.’Even if the mountain doesn’t open the lack of snowboarding is the least of the worries. There are a lot of people who are out of work because of this.’ is the basis of a quote from a snowboard team coach. While it will be terrible for the riders if there is no snow on the mountain, the lack of snow is a lot more serious than people may think.