Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

1) R U Mine: Arctic Monkeys

From the Album “AM” comes and up beat song meant for summer.

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

2) Around My Head: Cage the Elephant

The Album “Thank You, Happy Birthday” provides perfect songs for the wait for summer.

3) Teddy Picker: Arctic Monkeys

“Favourite Worst Nightmare” a great album with catchy up beat songs.

4) Right Before my Eyes: Cage the Elephant

“Cage the Elephant” album cover to make sure you know their name.

5) Back Against the Wall: Cage the Elephant

“Cage the Elephant” is evidence of not just a great album but a great band.

Cage The Elephant – Back Against The Wall – YouTube

6) Mind Eraser: The Black Keys

“El Camino” this song and the one below shows the true greatness of the album.

7) Lonely Boy: The Black Keys

“El Camino” highly esteemed song that really delivers.

8) Tiny Little Robots: Cage The Elephant

“Cage the Elephant” it isn’t a coincidence this album shows up so much.

9) From the Ritz to the Rubble: Arctic Monkeys

“Favourite Worst Nightmare” gives people a reason to love this album more.

10) Howlin’ For You: The Black Keys

“Brothers” this song gives the album a good name.

The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You [Official Music Video

11) A View From the Afternoon: Arctic Monkeys

“Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” a very exciting album.

12) Little Black Submarines: The Black Keys

“El Camino” the album that got me to love The Black Keys.

13) Lisztomania: Phoenix

“Wolfgang Amadeus” good song for summer and anytime.

14) Riot Van: Arctic Monkeys

“Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” might be the best album they have.

15) Mardy Bum: Arctic Monkeys

“Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” the song that got me hooked.

Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum (With Lyrics) – YouTube

16) Armistice: Phoenix

“Wolfgang Amadeus” the last song on the album line up but certainly not the least.

17) Fences: Phoenix

“Wolfgang Amadeus” the song that showed me Phoenix.

18) In One Ear: Cage the Elephant

“Cage the Elephant” such a fast paced song that its perfect for those long road trips.

19) Shake me Down: Cage the Elephant

“Thank You, Happy Birthday” a little bit slower of a song meant for the beach.

20) Lasso: Phoenix

“Wolfgang Amadeus” fast paced song good for adventure or just getting pumped up.

Lasso – Phoenix Music Video – YouTube

21) Tighten Up: Black Keys

“Brothers” such a fast song, great for summer adventures.

22) Under cover of Darkness: The Strokes

“Angles” one the songs that is perfect for the relaxation of summer.

23) Take it or Leave it: The Strokes

“Is This It” a song that is famous but you won’t remember it until you hear it again.

24) Chelsea Dagger: Fratellis

“Costello Music” a slightly weird song but incredibly fun.

25) Sweet Disposition: The Temper Trap

“Conditions” starts off a little slow but gets better and better as you listen.

Sweet Disposition [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

26) Heart It Races: Dr. Dog

“Heart It Races-EP” a quite famous song for the way it sounds and its lyrics.

27) Two Weeks: Grizzly Bear

“Veckatimest” a 4:03 second song and is second on the album. A good choice.

28) Animal: Miike Snow

“Miike Snow” a incredible song to listen to and is on a amazing album.

29) Believe: The Bravery

“The Sun and The Moon” second song on the album and is a stage setter.

30) Next Girl: The Black Keys

“Brothers” probably the best album by the black keys with this great song.

The Black Keys – Next Girl [Official Music Video] – YouTube

31) Your Body is A Weapon: The Wombats

“Your Body is a Weapon-EP” a fast paced fun song that is meant for adventure.

32) The Great Escape: The Rifles

“Great Escape” a flowed together song that is about summer time itself.

33) Barely Legal: The Strokes

“Is This It” once again a good paced song for summer.

34) Short Change Hero: The Heavy

“The House That Dirt Built” a very long intro but once you’re in the song it’s good.

35) Knee Socks: Arctic Monkeys

“AM” one of their greatest albums.

Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys – YouTube

36) 12:51: The Strokes

“Room On Fire” the song that got me into the band and an all around good album.

37) UnderCover Martyn: Two Door Cinema Club

“Tourist History” another really fun song by the Cinema Club that is under appreciated.

38) Burning: The Whitest Boy Alive

“Dreams” a softer song but still keeps its upbeat movements.

39) Island in the Sun: Weezer

“Weezer (Green Album)” one of the many great songs by this band and all their albums.

40) Shuffle Your Feet: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

“Howl” more of an upbeat song and gives a good name for the album.

Shuffle Your Feet Music Video – YouTube

41) I Can Talk: Two Door Cinema Club

“Tourist History” a fast paced song that is a ton of fun to listen to.

42) The Cave: Mumford and Sons

“Sigh No More” a great song to listen to. The band has a lot of good albums too.

43) No You Girls: Franz Ferdinand

“Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” a awesome song with some repetitive lyrics but still great.

44) Flathead: Fratellis

“Costello Music” a good album overall and a song that shows for it.

45) We Used to Vacation: Cold War Kids

“Robbers and Cowards” just like the song below but with more upbeat.


46) Hang Me up to Dry: Cold War Kids

“Robbers and Cowards” a medium paced song and a fun driving song.

47) Cold Blues: The Quaker City Night Hawks

“Torquila Torquila” a kind of slow song, but catchy and fun to listen to.

48) Where is my Mind?: Pixies

“Surfer Rosa” an overall good song in a good album.

49) 11th Dimension: Julian Casablancas

“Phrazes for the Young” the former singer for The Strokes does quite well on his own.

50) Fader: The Temper Trap

“Conditions” upbeat song that gives the album and band a good name.

The Temper Trap – Fader [Official Video] HD – YouTube

51) Too Close: Alex Clare

“The Lateness of the Hour” with many versions of this song, this ones the best.

52) Long Walk Back: The Rifles

“Freedom Run” one of the best songs on the album in my opinion.

53) All These Things That I’ve Done: The Killers

“Hot Fuss” a awesome song with good beats and good lyrics.

54) Icky Thump: The White Stripes

“Icky Thump” a fun, out of it kind of song.

55) Dream On: Aerosmith

“The Essential Aerosmith” the latest album with the best songs.

Aerosmith – Dream On (Official Music Video) – YouTube