Construction Around AHS


Every Ashlandian knows that their town is constantly striving to better itself in any way possible, whether it’s fighting off GMO’s for the well-being of our people, throwing massive parades in celebration of holidays, or receiving re-inventive construction in order to spruce up our city visually. Currently, Ashland is undergoing one of these occasions; roadwork construction. And frankly, they could not have picked a worse time.Road Work

Don’t get the wrong idea, road construction is great, it keeps the people safe from peril, especially now with the ever-going irrational fear of the end of the world, which according to every apocalyptic movie, will most definitely be featuring the ground splitting, swallowing people up into the belly of the earth. It is true, the product road construction is greatly appreciated. But maybe finals week wasn’t the best window of time to choose. Ashland High School is currently surrounded by road-construction, causing all the entrances to AHS to congest, which means more cars, which means waiting longer for your turn to turn, which means more students will be late to finals, which leads to both angry teachers and students. So, how is this going to affect us students this week? Let’s break this down:

Ashland High School has roughly 971 students. Out of those students, a (roughly) estimated 200 students are driving themselves to school. That’s about 21% of our student body. That is too high a percentage of unhappy students.

Ready for even worse news? There’s nothing you can do about it.  Except, waking up early to avoid getting stuck in a congested intersection, which most students will not be ecstatic about. So really, either way there will be unhappy AHS students. Not to mention that it’s finals week. But fret not, AHS! Both finals week and road work construction will be over before you know it. But remember this; contain your road-rage. Finals week is bad enough- lets not put a crash expense on top of it all.