Our carbon footprint and wildfire prevention


Every day this world is being affected by climate change in a multitude of ways. Even our small, secluded valley has experienced the hardships of climate change firsthand. The wildfire we all experienced last September spread through the valley and created damage like nobody could have imagined. The loss of homes and lives is something that could have been prevented with the proper techniques. To make sure that we never relive that dreadful experience, and that we reduce our impact on climate change, I am here to share prevention techniques for future wildfires and give tips to help minimize our carbon footprint to slow the process of climate change.  

Climate change is connected to various things happening in the world currently, including wildfires, droughts, heat, decline in water supplies, reduced agriculture, flooding, erosion, and unfortunately many more. There’s not much we can do to stop wildfires completely, but doing these simple things can help prevent the fires from spreading. 

  • Clear dead debris away from flammable things 
  • Properly dispose of smoking materials 
  • Keep fire safety in mind when building  
  • Follow the rules of putting out a campfire (which consists of extinguishing, stirring, and then extinguishing again) 
  • And, last but certainly not least, only burn on designated burn days and have a plan of action to put the fire out if necessary 

When it comes to limiting our carbon footprint to slow the process of climate change, we have the ability to change little things in our everyday routines to make a world of difference.  

  • Swap out meat for vegetarian options 
  • Take an extra minute to unplug things in your house (which also benefits your electricity bill and reduces the risk of fires) 
  • Help carbon emissions by carpooling 
  • Get some fresh air and exercise by walking or biking 
  • Support eco-friendly clothing and businesses 
  • Plant a garden 
  • Eat locally and more organically 
  • Line-dry your clothes rather than use an electric dryer 

As climate change is continuing to rapidly affect us every day, we must act fast to try to slow the process. Adding these things into your day over time can truly make a world of difference.