Favorite Winter Drinks


Coffee, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate and Tea are winter season classics. Nothing says winter like a mug of your favorite, warm drink while being bundled up in hats and scarves. These drinks are comfort, warmth and joy all mixed together and topped off with magical memories. Each drink means something different for each person. There are a variety of ways to make these drinks, therefore memories vary as well.

Amy Kennedy, AHS Counselor, shares how Cappuccinos topped with cinnamon remind her of coffee dates with her older sister when she was 16 years-old. She fell in love with them after having a mocha and quickly discovering that mochas were too sweet for her taste. From then on, her older sister has been her  “coffee companion for life”. Her sister used to tell her that “ Drinking coffee is much more fun with a friend” and Kennedy agrees.

Apple Cider is also a popular choice for the winter season. It has a sweet, gentle aroma that fills your body with an unidentifiable glow. “It tastes like Christmas” says Sophomore Carson Barry. Though it has been argued that it is just warmed up Apple Juice , it still makes winter special for so many. Apple Cider is a drink many people have grown up drinking and is practically childhood in a cup. Max Morrish , also a Sophomore at AHS, remembers it tasting like Christmas and states that he drinks it roughly 3 times a week during the winter season. Speaking of childhood drinks, Hot Chocolate also fits snuggly into that category.

Sitting in front of the fire, wrapped in a blanket while reading a book with a mug of what? Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate is a traditional winter beverage and can be found in almost every coffee shop during this frosty season. Katie Crocker, 10th Grader, reflects on the first time she had it as a child and now drinks it almost twice a week. When asked why this was her favorite Crocker promptly replied, “It’s my favorite because it’s amazing!” Tea also has it’s share in childhoods as well.

Tea is probably the more complex of these winter classics. Tea has large variety of choices. One of the more unique teas is Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea. Sophomore Kayla Fennell describes it as “slightly minty and perfect for reading Harry Potter in bed”. This sort of sweet tea has become a daily necessity during the winter for this spunky sophomore. The sharp cold of this season calls for the coziness of warm tea. Black, spicy, sweet or minty are all delectable ways to indulge yourself this winter.

Tis’ the season to drink away the cold with Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider and Tea. While you make new memories this winter, maybe you’ll make a new favorite winter drink. There may be a Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea out there with your name on it.